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CT Sound’s Vehicle Subwoofers

Sound perfection comes when the overall audio/music stands on the base of low-pitched audio frequencies (which is called the Bass). CT Sounds brings you with that base through its car subwoofer products. CT’s car subwoofers are way advanced in terms of technology and ensure your satisfaction for long run in parallel.

CT Subwoofers are not only performance concentrated but also is non-negotiating to the audio quality inside your vehicle. Car subwoofer amplifiers can power your CT subwoofers pretty convincingly whether that is connected to any individual channel or bridged channel. In order to go deeper, below is a generic subwoofers framework analysis for your better understanding-

A Generic Subwoofer’s Framework Analysis

In general, there are 6 main components of a car subwoofer. Combination to those 6 individual part’s credentials makes up the low-pitched audio frequencies collaboratively. That is called the Bass of the audio system on which the overall audio streams stands. Those 6 parts of a generic subwoofer are from the front to end are-
1. Surround
2. Basket
3. Cone
4. Spider
5. Voice call &
6. Magnet


A brief description to all these 6 parts is as in below-
Sl. No. Part Description

1. Surround This is frontal and first portion of a subwoofer (If you look at it from the front/top, keeping the diaphragm first). This works as a protection layer for the inner parts and works as a centering tool for the other parts for a subwoofer like the voice call, magnets etc.

2. Basket Basket is the overall surrounding that works as the chassis for the whole subwoofer. This is the part that gets attached to the vehicle body or with the frame of the subwoofer container.

3. Cone Cone is basically the diaphragm that vibrates in accordance with the magnetic induction in it and produces audio sound according to the audio streaming waves passed through the magnets right beneath it.

4. Spider The part that holds the cone & voice coil attached with the basket/skeleton of the subwoofer is called as the spider. This suspension system keeps the cone and voice call stable in case of dramatic vibrations made to the whole subwoofer system (while the vehicle is on move).

5. Voice coil This is the second most important part for any subwoofer packages. This part receives electrical induction from the magnets and provides push or pull operations for the diaphragm according to the electrical sound waves.

6. Magnet There is a magnet at the bottom of any subwoofers in cars; which is called as the heart of a subwoofer. The magnet causes the diaphragm to hike up or down according to the electrical changes attraction or distraction in order to create sound waves through it. In all the cases, the magnet size is comparable to the size of the subwoofer, audio system type, ampere rating, power rating, etc.


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